Any Day

New 2021 Designer  Christophe Pillet

The underlying concept behind the Any Day family of tables and coffee/side tables dwells in the concept of subtraction.

The designer intentionally stripped the design of non-essentials, to then focus on “the details, the precise proportions and masterful execution, inherent features that inescapably define the quality of that object”.

The basic idea was to set a piece of wood on a simple metal structure. The first items to grow out of this concept were a coffee/side table and a console, followed by a dining table, desk and a series of cabinets.

The Any Day desk conceals practical invisible drawers while the series of Any Day cabinets comes in an array of configurations that satisfy many practical needs, and can be placed in different rooms in the home – from the entry to the living room and even the bedrooms.

All of the pieces are flawlessly finished, even on the back, so they can also be used as room dividers.